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Systems and mechanisms sports betting


    For us the best sports betting strategy is finding and calculating of ”Sure Bets”. There you have the security of bets and winnings. You do not have restrictions on the ”Bank” itself. Brings the satisfaction of labor for finding and their calculation.
    With our calculator to calculate the profitability of the sport event can easily calculate whether you have a sure bet for a match, and with our calculator to calculate the bets easily distribute the amount you want to bet on it. Here you can learn about the mechanism of ”Sure Bets” and themselves to do calculations.


    Another good strategy is to bet ”Value Bets”. They occur much more often than ”Sure Bets”.
    Much time is their calculation, but with our calculator for calculating the ”Value Bets” will facilitate many. Once you are familiar with the mechanism of ”Value Bets”, you yourself can do their calculations.


    Martingale is the English meaning of the French word dialectical martegal. This is the name of the inhabitants of the French village Martigues. These people have historically been synonymous with eccentricity and courage.
    These definitions are fully responsible for the most famous and widespread gambling system. Not by chance it is called Martingale. By using and, many people have won major funds, but equally understood and what is the complete bankruptcy.
    The mechanism is quite simple and understandable. We rely on match with coefficient 2.00 or greater, or a combination of matches with total odds 2.00 or larger. We start with a fixed initial bet and any loss it double in the next bet. In profit, our next bet is our original. So when you get to know the result, we cover all the previous bad bets and are profit equal to our initial pledge.
    At first glance everything looks wonderful, but calculate what happens after say 6 game losing streak in early - minimum bet 2 units. Our next, 7th bet must be of 128 units, to cover all previous bets and win only 2 units - our initial bet. Here we should note - in probability theory is proven that after a series of misstatements probability after it is true is equal and the first. Or in the case of sports betting - the probability of a series of long bad predictions is not increased, the next to be good, but is equal to the first.
    Martingale is a betting system with many opponents and supporters. It is for the fainthearted and serious ”bank” - eccentric and bold.
    If you decide to use Martingale, remember that bookmakers have a limit on the maximum bet. So after a long series of bad bets you can not make after that to cover previous bad.


    This is the algorithm for optimal investment of money in the long run, created by the American physicist John Larry Kelly. Used successfully by leading investors. Proven accurate and successful.
    It calculate how much of the bank must bet to achieve the maximum possible growth of the funds in the bank in the long term. Under this system, the bettor risking more money when the odds of success are greater and therefore less if the chances of successful predictions are not good enough. Unlike the Martingale strategy, the Kelly Criterion would not lead you to bankruptcy, because the amount bet is determined as a percentage of your available funds for betting. Kelly Criterion supposed to assess the chances of outcome of an event is not worse than the bookies.
    Here is the formula itself - called Kelly criterion - which can determine the optimal bet after better chances you assume the outcome of an event.

Kelly Criterion

  • f- is part of the current bank, which must be beting
  • b- is the net coefficient obtained from the bet - it equals unit pledge by the rate minus unit bet
  • p- probably bet to be won
  • q- probably bet is lost

    If we stopped at the exit of a meeting for which the bookmaker gives odds 3.00 and we have considered your chances of success of 50% it gets
    (2*0.5-0.5)/2=0.25    0.25*100=25%
    which means, according to the Kelly Criterion, that we can bet no more than 25% of available bank.

    When using the Kelly Criterion financial management is important to determine the minimum return that you want to reach. After reaching and it is good to stop and start from the beginning with starting a bank. If you have not set a minimum level of profit it stop after reaching 100% profit from the initial bank.
    In summary we can say the following. If you're not a gambling person and you want to minimize risk and you know that you can successfully predict with less than 50% then Kelly is your system. Kelly is the system of professionals, system of those who strive for success with minimal risk.
    Kelly criterion combined with the finding of so-called ”Value Bets”, could lead to some very good results in your favor.


    This is a strategy for the management of our bank. According Labouchere choose a random sequence of numbers ranging from 1 to 9. The series can be long or short. Based on these numbers form our bets. The sum of these numbers is the amount which we use for certain events.
    Let us choose the following sequence numbers 3 6 7 2 1 5. According to the theory, our bet should be the sum of the first and last number of the series or in our example 3+5=8. If our forecast is successful delete those numbers from the line and continue with the next - 6+1=7. In the wrong forecast - say the first - then at the end of the line add the sum of the two numbers that have formed our pledge or in the example this is the number 8. Now the row numbers will look like this - 3 6 7 2 1 5 8.
    The cycle ends when you delete all the numbers of the row and then we can continue with the new. After the end of one cycle will find pleasure increased our bank. All this applies of course to the outcome of events by a factor of 2.00 or larger.
    More aggressive players may select a row with a greater number - 6 9 8 7 7 8 9 9, but passive, with such small numbers - 2 2 1 3 2 1 4 1.

    There are also other known systems for betting, but most are variations of the above listed.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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