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Calculator to calculate the profitability of the sport event and the mechanism of the ”Sure bets”

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Enter the coefficients for 1, Х and 2


    Yes, there is a way to bet on sporting events and won with 100% certainty. These are so-called Sure (arbitration) bets. The main purpose of our site is to teach you what they are, how to find and how to take advantage of them.
    It's all a matter of statistics and mathematics.


    Arbitration bet is betting on all outcomes of an event of maximum possible odds.

    Example: Played a match and have a 50 DIFFERENT bookmaker. We are finding for which one gives the big coefficient for 1. This is a bookmaker А, giving 2.2 for 1, 3.2 for Х and 2.8 for 2. Similarly we find bookmaker В, giving 2.0 for 1, 3.5 for Х and 3.4 for 2 and bookmaker С, giving 1.6 for 1, 2.8 for Х and 4.5 for 2. The idea is to bet only the highest odds - for you they are 2.2 for 1 , 3.5 for Х and 4.5 for 2. (see Table 1)

1 X 2
A 2.2 3.2 2.8
B 2.0 3.5 3.4
C 1.6 2.8 4.5
max 2.2 3.5 4.5

Table 1

    As you can see here the idea is simple - to find the highest odds on to maximise the possible profit.

    The next step is to check what is the profit from those odds.

    In our example it is 103.9% - they are implemented by bet:
  • 47.23€ on 1 of the bookmaker А - win 47.23*2.2=103.91€
  • 29.68€ on Х of the bookmaker В - win 29.68*3.5=103.88€
  • 23.09€ on 2 of the bookmaker С - win 23.09*4.5=103.91€
    Altogether, we bet 100€ and we have won at least 103.9€


    Let our maximum coefficients are К1 for 1, КХ for Х and К2 for 2.

PROFITABILITY = 100/(1/К1+1/КХ+1/К2) - the result is the percentage

  In our case P=100/(1/2.2+1/3.5+1/4.5)=103.9%


    It's very simple - the profitability divided by the relevant coefficient and obtained the stake.

    Directly in the case:
  1. bet for 1  103.9/2.2 = 47.23
  2. bet for Х  103.9/3.5 = 29.68
  3. bet for 2  103.9/4.5 = 23.09

    Well this is the whole mechanism - we hope that you become interesting. Here, however, need to make some remarks:
  • usually the profitability from an event is about 98% - that is not profitable to bet.
  • a sure bet usually occurs 1-2 times a day - sometimes more, but rarely.
  • the collection of the information is very annoying, but it's worth it.
  • the organization of the system of payments is not a simple job - look at the part payments.

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